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Day 12 - The Life and Times of Zachary Zatara [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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Day 12 [Dec. 24th, 2008|01:31 am]
The Zatara Diaries


[Current Location |Manchester]
[Current Mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[Current Music |The Stars of Track and Field: Belle and Sebastian]

9:40 AM We are driving to Manchester. We are driving to Manchester. Bunny says it isn’t very far, but I really have no desire to sit in a car for any length of time. They better have a limo waiting, is all I’m going to say on the matter.

10:10 AM Finally in the car—a limo, thank God, or else I might’ve had to kill someone. It seems I’ll be here for four hours, which is absolutely wonderful given my state of mind. I’d swear someone put something in my coffee, but I conjured it myself. Perhaps someone cast a spell on me? Must look into that. Regardless, I’m curiously on edge. Oh, good, champagne.

10:15 AM Now all I have to do is entertain myself for the remainder of the car ride. Perhaps I’ll invent a coin trick. Teach myself Tarot cards. Something of the sort. God knows I won’t be spending the next four hours mooning over Eddie like I have been since we left New York.

10:16 AM He’s probably sleeping now, anyway. It’s not as though I could call him or anything.

10:21 AM I found an old book on Victorian-era magic tricks at the bottom of my bag. Now I’m debating whether or not to read it. On the one hand, it might be interesting. On the other, I might get carsick.

10:23 AM Well, I hardly ever get carsick.

10:24 AM Fuck, I got this at Shadowcrest, didn’t I? Zatanna’s going to kill me. Zatanna, if you’re reading this, I’ll give it back at Thanksgiving.

10:25 AM Although, if you are reading this, I might as well keep the book. As payment.

11:39 AM Victorians were weird.

11:40 AM Hot, but weird.

11:42 AM I mean, why would I want to be set on fire?

11:43 AM And how did they even make their clothes flame-resistant? Asbestos?

11:47 AM Half of them were escapes, anyway. Boring. Why were they so obsessed with getting out of things, anyway? It’s not like they had to wear the corsets.

11:48 AM Corsets aren’t that bad, anyway, provided you don’t lace them too tightly. Zatanna runs around in one all the time.

11:51 AM Granted, that may be an enchanted corset. I’d bet money on it. Heels, too.

11:52 AM You know, you never see her with a run in her stockings.

11:55 AM There’s nothing wrong with enchanting your clothes, you know. It saves a fortune on dry cleaning. Besides, my old place always used too much starch.

12:01 PM I should get a tour bus. At least until I get the hang of teleporting. It could have a hot tub in it.

12:02 PM Not that a limo’s a bad way to travel, mind you. The champagne was fantastic. I wonder if they have any chocolates?

12:03 PM Ah, well, I can always conjure up some. It’s not as exciting, though. I think I’ll go with dark chocolate this time.

12:05 PM I love my powers. Have I mentioned that recently? I love them. I mean, I can barely remember my life before I found out I had them. It’s all just a blur of homework and children’s birthday parties. And making out with that goth boy that thought I was into steampunk.

12:06 PM It’s not like I told him I was into steampunk. He just assumed. Maybe it was the top hat? He must not have been that into it, since my tuxedo is a fairly modern cut and I didn’t wear it to school. Anyways, that’s how I learned about steampunk. The other guys liked me for more normal reasons, like because Zatanna’s my cousin or because I’m fucking hot.

12:09 PM There was that one guy, though. He totally had it coming to him.

12:10 PM I mean, it’s not my fault he was such an asshole. If he didn’t want mice in his boxers, he wouldn’t have tried picking on someone who was very clearly good at magic tricks. I was in the talent show, for God’s sake. I used to do coin tricks in math class. You don’t tease magicians, buddy. You’re lucky I stopped at mice.

12:14 PM Heh. That was one of my better tricks. I trained those mice, you know. I trained them well.

12:22 PM I think I’ll try and get some sleep. I was up fairly late last night, after all. It couldn’t hurt to be a bit better rested before the show tonight.

1:35 PM I hate potholes. Just thought you should know.

2:01 PM We’re here, finally. This hotel doesn’t look too bad.

2:09 PM It’s pretty nice, actually. I’m going to try out the room service.

2:13 PM I didn’t know they made smoked salmon pizza. Sounds classy.

6:28 PM There was a Monty Python marathon. I got distracted. The pizza was delicious, by the way. I think there was tartar sauce? It wasn’t so much pizza as a new and interesting way of eating lox.

6:30 PM I can call Eddie now, can’t I? The show’s not until 10:30, so we can talk for a little while. Oh, club gigs. Not as glamorous as the theater gigs, but much more convenient.

1:09 AM I was right about the club—it was much easier to hook up here than in London. There was this guy with red hair who looked a little bit like Eddie did before the whole thing with Neron. Speaking of Eddie, he was as well as can be expected, what with the Titans and all. He’s doing fine, I suppose, I just wish he seemed happier. One of these days I will kidnap him and make him my assistant. Bunny can join the Titans. She’d have a lovely time. More than Eddie, at any rate, although that doesn’t seem too hard, poor boy. Oh, well. When things get really bad he’ll just have me come get him.

I'm sorry about the wait--the power went out and I had to go stay with my parents, where I promptly got sick. I do, however, have a holiday present for all of you: Better Than Christmas. Enjoy!