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The Life and Times of Zachary Zatara

World's Greatest Teenage Magician

The Zatara Diaries
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The life and times of Zachary Zatara.

Zachary Zatara: World's greatest teenage magician. Loves pizza, magic, and Eddie his adoring fans. Keeps a diary.
Zatanna Zatara: The rather more famous cousin of Zachary Zatara. Prone to deflating egos. Knows a man named Constantine. Gave Zachary the diary (which she has no intention of reading).
Eddie Bloomberg: Either Kid Devil or Red Devil, depending on who you ask. Teen Titan. Blue Devil's sidekick. Zachary's best friend.
Jaime Reyes: Blue Beetle III. Eddie's friend and fellow Titan. Does not know Zachary and would appreciate it if he would stop sending the threatening letters as they make his mother worry.
Rose Wilson: Ravager IV. Former Titan and Zachary's main romantic rival.
Raven: Former Titan. Just a friend. Missed.
Bunny: Zachary's long-suffering assistant. Is probably not really a rabbit.

Why can't I post?
This, sorry to say, is Lin's pet project, and is strictly for the actual diaries. Feel free to link or post any meta, icons, questions or what have you in the comments.
Who are these people?
All the characters belong to DC Comics, with the exception of any real-life celebrities that may be mentioned.
When is this updated?
While there is no actual schedule, per se, it will hopefully be updated fairly regularly.
Why do you hate Blue Beetle and Ravager?
The opinions expressed by Zachary in the Zatara Diaries are not necessarily shared by the creator, as Zachary is something of a jealous little brat.
Who did the graphics?
The same person that did the writing.
Is this a big multimedia project?
No, although there may be icons at some conceivable point in the future.
Where can I find more Zachary Zatara?
Try shadow_crest. There you can find fic and art about Zachary and the rest of the Zatara family.
Why Zachary Zatara?
Because he's awesome, because he's underrated, and because it's fun.

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Written by xlineartx.